Due to the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Society protecting the personal information of members the names below are only those who have authorised their names to be published.  If you would like a full list or to nominate any listed below as a Judge please email the Society Secretary at Secretary@welshmountainsheepsociety.com.   Thank you.

Judges Panel

Bowden, Delyth (Mrs)

Bowden, H (Mr)

Bowden, Gwyn

Bowden, Sue (Mrs)

Davies, D W (Mr)

Duggins, Geoff

Earle, Julie (Mrs)

Grove, Claire (Miss)

Harris, Carwyn (Master), Jnr

Harris, Emyr (Master), Jnr

Jenkins, Gwellian (Miss), Jnr

Jenkins, Jack

Jenkins, Lynne (Mrs)

Jones, TJ

Pepper, R

Williams, Ieuan

Williams, Mona 

Williams, RG 

Williams, Sion

Williams, Tudor