2018 Year Book Sponsors

Thank you very much. 

MD Air Services -

the service for all landowners / farmers with Bracken problems - www.mdairservices.com, email: mdairservices@btconnect.com

Greenlands Insurance Services Ltd - 


Farm Plus 

Email: sales@farmplus.co.uk, website: www.farmplus.co.uk

NWF Agriculture

Email: sales@nwfagriculture.co.uk

To ensure the continuation of the pedigree of the breed an annual Year Book is produced which incorporates the Society's members' lamb registrations for the previous year.  This contains the registrations for the previous year of member's sheep.  The ram lambs registered are allocated a number which stays with it throughout it's life.  By producing this on a yearly basis ensures that members, and buyers, can trace the heritage of the livestock, whether rams or ewes,  they own / purchase. 

The Flock Book however would not be possible without sponsors.   If becoming a sponsor of the Annual Flock Book is something that your company would be interested in please contact the society secretary.